Push Pushi is all about making dogs happy with innovative and stylish solutions!

Our dogs don't ask for much but, when it rains and pours, they want to go for a walk and do their business without getting soaked. We designed our signature Push Pushi dog raincoat especially with them in mind. The patented design has an innovative umbrella hood that folds out to cover their head. The hood snaps into place with magnets and won't squish sensitive ears or block their view. Simply put, our Push Pushi dog raincoat keeps pups dry, comfortable, and looking absolutely fabulous!

However, our award-winning doggy raincoats are just the beginning. Push Pushi makes other ingenious products for your dog or cat like our collapsible, TSA compliant pet carriers or our comfortable cave pet beds. All of our products are American made in our family-owned and operated factory in Santa Rosa, California to ensure that our quality is second to none.

We believe that happy pet owners equal happy pets! That's we work so hard to create products for cats and dogs that make every day like a walk in the park. We're confident that our fashionable dog raincoats, stylish pet carriers, cozy cave beds or any of our products will simply be the best you've ever tried.